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Welcome to ISBOG of North Jersey


ISBOG of North Jersey (Informal Small Business Owners Group) is a free and friendly business organization with monthly meetings in Sparta and Flanders.

Our meetings are a forum for small business owners to share their ideas and challenges, request advice, and learn to grow their businesses through discussions, presentations, and networking in an informal atmosphere. People who run non-profit organizations are also welcome.


We invite business owners to join us as we approach our 12th year. We welcome people who run small businesses, participate in the management of small businesses, as well as people who are planning to start up a business. Non-profit organizations are welcome, too.

Stop by and see what ISBOG has to offer - all without any fees or dues. And we are informal; feel free to come in your jeans and sneakers. For more information, please send an Email or call Amy Steele at 973-459-2791.

Business Owners

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Sparta Chapter Meetings:
Third Tuesday evening of each month.

Flanders Chapter Meetings:
Change Now the Fourth WEDNESDAY evening of each month.

Closed: Sussex Chapter Meetings:
We're sorry to announce that
this chapter closed February 2016.

Closed: Augusta/Branchville Chapter Meetings:
We're sorry to announce that
this chapter closed March 2016.


Meeting topics for each chapter for the next few months are listed on the Meetings page.

Meeting Announcements and Topic are sent via mail a few days prior to each meeting date.

Please visit our Meetings page
for locations and dates, and topics.

"An ISBOG meeting is like getting together with friends to talk about business."


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Thank you to our NEW SPONSORS Sponsors - March 2016 through August 2016.

The ISBOG 11th ANNIVERSARY Business to Business Event
was held on October 21, 2015